• Hat manufacturer introduces you to hat logo processing method

    The logo pattern on the hat is a very important fashion element on the hat. Most hats have a front logo. When we often touch hats, we will notice that the processing method of the logo on the hat is different. Today, I will introduce the main hat logo processing methods. Nowadays, the common hat ...
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  • National Holidays in September

    September 2  Vietnam-Independence Day September 2 is the National Day of Vietnam every year, and Vietnam is a national holiday. On September 2, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh, the pioneer of the Vietnamese revolution, read Vietnam’s “Declaration of Independence” here, announcing the esta...
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  • National Holidays in August

    August 1: Swiss National Day Since 1891, August 1 of each year has been designated as Switzerland’s National Day. It commemorates the alliance of the three Swiss cantons (Uri, Schwyz and Niwalden). In 1291, they formed a “permanent alliance” to jointly resist foreign aggression....
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  • The latest global population rankings

    10. Mexico Population: 140.76 million Mexico is a federal republic in North America, ranking fifth in the Americas and the fourteenth in the world. It is currently the tenth most populous country in the world and the second most populous country in Latin America. The population density varies gre...
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  • The difference of DDP, DDU, DAP

    The two trade terms DDP and DDU are often used in the import and export of goods, and many exporters do not have a deep understanding of these trade terms, so they often encounter some unnecessary things in the export process of goods. trouble. So, what are DDP and DDU, and what are the differenc...
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  • National Holidays in June

    June 1: Germany-Pentecost Also known as Holy Spirit Monday or Pentecost, it commemorates the 50th day after Jesus was resurrected and sent the Holy Spirit to the earth for the disciples to share the gospel. On this day, Germany will have various forms of festive celebrations, worship in the outdo...
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